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Decideret Three is a Party 2020

Decideret Three is a Party 2020

Decideret Three is a Party 2020


A conversation between three organic orchards: Allesøe, Ådalen, and Lærkehøj, two of which are on Fyn and one of which is in Zealand. Apple varieties: Rød Aroma (36 %), Holsteiner Cox (31%), Major (11%), Tremletts Bitter (11%) and Brown’s Apple (11%). The Rød Aroma was direct-pressed and fermented in 200L bourbon barrels; the other varieties received 24 hours’ maceration and fermented in neutral plastic 1000L tanks. Blended together afterward, bottled April 2021 with 12g/l RS to prompt bubbles in the bottle (pétillant naturel or ancestral method). Unfiltered, undisgorged, no SO2 added.

This cider gains fruitiness from the Holsteiner Cox variety, tannic bite and bitterness from the British varieties, and complexity from the barrel-aged Aroma apples. Decideret refers to this wine as Charlieʼs Angels in the realm of apples, but you don’t have to.

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
7% ABV


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